Who we are

Ages range from 10 years old to 23 for this family. Most live on the "back lot" at Happy Family with other college students in dorms or apartments in Thailand and Phnom Penh.

As a family, the "central figure" is Ms. Thou Raem, the caretaker of these kids and this site for over 25 years. The loss of her family during the Pol Pot years prompted her to dedicate her life to these children. She instills in them the ideals of self respect and a moral commitment to being the best person you can be to everyone around you. The cornerstone of this family, she has drawn support from all over the world to help her take care of her large family.

This is not a desperate setting. You will not find long faces and pathetic circumstances to motivate your support. Instead it is the warmth and happiness of kids who feel secure and look forward to their future that captivates your attention. They ask for nothing and are so very grateful to the many who have come to help.

To maintain such a visionry program requires financial help. The kids do what they can by weaving souveneirs and painting post cards for sale.

We welcome your interest and encourage you to become"part of the family."