Foster Parentes

The basic care at an average cost of $25 a month.

Private Lessons

Siem Reap is the tourist center of Cambodia. Millions come to see the ruins of angkor Wat each year. Far beyond the earning capacity of those growing rice or fishing for a living, those who can speak the language of the tourist and work in the tour industry, the hotels or restaurants can enjoy a very successful and financially secure life. With that in mind, we provide private language lessons ( usually English or Japanese ) for all our kids. The cost averages $ 140 a year and can be paid quarterly or annually. The other course of study we support is private computer lessons. Once again this is a skill that opens doors to good jobs in the area. A 6 week course in WORD or EXCEL runs $30. So far about 15 of our kids have taken advantage of this program and we have a few more waiting for sponsors.

Career Sponsors

The "ultimate goal" is for every kids to achieve the best life possible and in so doing to contribute to the good of a society that truly needs professional talent. .
There are several approaches:
  (1) Public Shool "Extra Lessons"
After-school courses to strengthen skills at about $120 a year.
  (2) Vocational program.
Costing about $1,000 for a 12 month program in a specific trade.
  (3) 4 year undergraduate degree in Hotel Management at the U of SE Asia
Costing about $500 a year for tuition, uniform and books. Students can continue to get room and board at the orphanage.
  (4) 4 year undergraduate degree at the Royal University of Agriculture in Phnom Penh.
Here the tuition and books run about $500 a year. The living expenses are the big item and run about $200 a month. Total annual commitment runs around $3,000 a year.
  (5) 8 year course of study in the Medical College of International University of Phnom Penh.
We have two very fortunate students with sponsors for this program. But the cost for tuition and books runs close to $ 2,000. Add to that living expenses and you are looking at an estimated $5,000 a year.
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In a number of cases it has taken "partnerships" to raise the money for these academic programs. One of our upcoming 11th. graders will be supported by a collection of donors each of whom is pledging $300 a year. We realize ours is an ambitious program to provide "the best" for 40 kids. But we know it is the "right thing" to do and we must try.

One Time Gifts

Often used for trips to the market to get specific things needed we welcome this "practical" application of your donation

Medical Care

We have a fund to pay for medical attention when kids are sick. We need to build on it so that we can provide physicals and initiate wellness and preventive care.

Medical Care

PLEASE TELL US HOW YOU WANT 100% OF YOUR DONATION SPENT And include your address and names so we can get back to you with acknowledgement, pictures and copies of receipts etc. when your donation is used. AMERICANS or those who want to send their money through the U.S. are invited to mail checks to Friendship with Cambodia. This is a non-profit 501(c)3 that has been gracious enough to collect and disburse funds at no charge to us. Checks should be made out to them with HAPPY FAMILY written in the lower left hand corner of the check ( so they can distinguish our donors from others meant for other programs they sponsor )

Friendship with Cambodia
P.O. Box 5231
Eugene, OR 97405

they have a web site
e-mail is:
phone: (541)-343-3782